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Our Essence

Since 2014, created by publicist Caroline Dreyer and photographer Rodrigo Cavalcanti, the brand from Pernambuco values ​​the dissemination of Northeastern popular culture through handmade products, respecting traditional techniques and customs of the region.

Known for its sertaneja aesthetics linked to the contemporary, Vitalina delivers affective memories full of culture in its pieces for customers seeking authenticity, comfort and quality.

The brand's policy is to develop items for all genders, through processes configured within the slow fashion movement, developing shoes and accessories made to measure by artisans from the interior of Pernambuco.

Its emergence took place in mid-May 2014 in a completely unpretentious way, when the partners, Carol and Rodrigo, decided to sell some of their personal leather shoes in a group of exchanges and sales on the internet.

The action's immediate success inspired young people to turn the unusual event into a business, starting to sell men's, women's and children's sandals.

Over the years, the passion of the duo gained strength and added partners and collaborators, enabling the creation of the first authorial collections, which now total eight, with dozens of models developed and sold. The themes, colors, techniques and materials applied, always seek to refer to the Northeastern imaginary, revisiting and re-refining symbols and memories. Bringing a new air over the already familiar elements, however, maintaining reverence and unconditional love for their sources of inspiration.

Currently, after a 1-year break – April 2022 to May 2023 -, the brand returns to the market with Caroline Dreyer, bringing the feminine, contemporary universe, without losing the roots of the hinterland.

Vitalina is memory, popular culture and a lot of affection.