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Tip and Reading: Everything is Rio - Carla Madeira

Book Everything is Rio - Carla Madeira

You know those books you pick up thinking you're going to read a few pages before bed and when you realize it, you're already on page eighty or so? Alright, this is it.

With a sensitive and captivating narrative, Tudo é Rio is structured in short chapters that alternate telling the lives of the characters. The reader gradually gets to know Dalva, Venâncio and Lucy until their stories intersect and form an unusual love triangle. With this synopsis, we imagine something cliché, but the book goes far from that.

The way in which Carla talks about banal themes of human nature is simple and lyrical, it is strong and daring. All at once. Her writing is really impressive. Especially if we think that it is the debut novel of the author's career.

Does it have some feuilleton components? Yes he has! Especially the end of the book. But we don't even care about that, because it's all so pleasant and beautiful to read that we just want to keep going. Buy, borrow, but read. It's worth too much.

Text: Tania Collier