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our purpose

We believe in an economy whose driving force is creativity and respect for human capital as raw material for generating income. We value the subjectivities and ties that only memory and its affective power can generate, transforming individuals into a living and powerful collective, linked by signs and experiences.

We were born as a curated brand of footwear and decorative items that told the story of our people, over the years we ventured out with our own creations and obtained surprising results. We have evolved in technical quality and creative complexity, but one thing has never changed: our impetus to fly high the flag of what is produced from manual traditions in the state of Pernambuco.

We understand that, especially in our time, where cultural manifestations and craft techniques have been overlooked and automated by many, it becomes even more urgent that we, as entrepreneurs, position ourselves as activators of these processes, seeking to link our expertise to the great wealth produced manually by masters and artisans from Pernambuco, contributing to the perpetuation of this knowledge, while also generating income and helping to strengthen this productive network.