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Blog - Vitalina Recife

  • The L Word Generation Q

    My nomination today is The L word generation Q, the series is a sequel to the original "The L Word", brought a more current scenario and a sensitivity to permeate issues such as transsexuality, lesbianism, homosexuality with a very diverse cast addressing issues of the universe LGBTQIA+.
  • Tip and Reading: Everything is Rio - Carla Madeira

    With a sensitive and captivating narrative, Tudo é Rio is structured in short chapters that alternate telling the lives of the characters. The reader gradually gets to know Dalva, Venâncio and Lucy until their stories intersect and form an unusual love triangle. With this synopsis, we imagine something cliché, but the book goes far from that.
  • GTO: wood as a craft

    The Minas Gerais sculptor and carver Geraldo Teles de Oliveira, known as GTO, only started working with wood at the age of 52. Coming from a poor family, GTO had several other trades before dedicating himself to art. Unanimously among critics, he established himself as one of the greatest names in popular art.
  • Cobogós of Pernambuco

    Completing almost a century of the development of this symbol of modern Brazilian architecture that was born in Recife, Cobogó is an acronym of Coimbra, Boeckmann and Góes, surname of its creators, who had a common goal: to replace clay bricks in order to highlight aesthetics, lowering its cost and increasing its functionality by ensuring the use of natural light and ventilation.
  • J Borges, Living Heritage of Pernambuco

    J Borges, Patrimônio Vivo de Pernambuco, born in 1935, started writing by cordel at the age of 20, a traditional narrative form in northeastern Brazil. According to his art godfather, Ariano Suassuna, J Borges is the best in the world.