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We value slow, authorial and timeless fashion. We revere the raw material we use, always valuing quality and minimum disposal. Our models are designed to generate belonging and merge with the story of each person involved in all stages of the process.

Everything here is handcrafted by local labor, handcrafted from the design, generated by Tania Collier, our stylist, to the manufacturing that goes through the hands of Ana and also Seu Severino, Marcos, Sid, Taé, and so many other craftsmen who present us with their gifts, lending all their effort.

On a journey that goes from Recife to the interior of Pernambuco, Vitalina carries in her soul the responsibility of keeping traditions alive, which are intangible heritage, and processes that are passed down from generation to generation.

Commitment and love to decorate the world, made in Brazil. Made in Pernambuco.