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Authenticity and exclusivity

Vitalina appears in 2014 in a pioneering and innovative way: the proposal was to mine leather shoes from artisans in northeastern Brazil and resell them in the city (and internet channels) at a fair price.

The brand has been a great commercial success since its inception, as there was a great demand to consume the regional product and there was no one doing this service of curating and reselling the pieces. Over the years, other brands were inspired by the proposal and also began to bridge the gap between artisanal work in the countryside and the public in big cities.

Thus, in 2017, driven by the pioneering spirit that has always motivated the creators of the brand, Vitalina felt the need to change its strategy and positioning in order to once again offer something unique and exclusive. It was then that the partners decided to create and develop the brand's signature models in Recife and run them in the countryside. That's where stylist Tânia arrives, with all her expertise in creative design and handmade techniques, to realize this idea of ​​having shoes with the brand's DNA, only exclusive, authorial and made by local artisans with total respect. of ancient techniques.

To this day, the brand remains the only one in its niche to produce authorial shoes with a northeastern identity and made by northeastern artisans. In the Northeast, in the women's footwear segment, there is no one creating and producing something similar.