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About us

Since 2014, created by the publicist Carol Dreyer and photographer Rodrigo Cavancanti, the brand from Pernambuco, Brazil, values the dissemination of popular culture from the northeast of the country through handmaid
products,respecting traditional techniques and customs from the region.

Known for its regional aesthetic connected with the contemporary, Vitalina’s products carry affective memories filled with culture for its clients who are searching for authenticity, comfort and quality.

The brand’s policy is to design gender-free products, through slow fashion processes, developing shoes and accessories which are handmaid tailored by artisans from the countryside of Pernambuco.

It’s birth happened mid-May in 2014 in a totally humble manner, when the C.E.O.s decided to sell some of their personal leather shoes in an exchange and trade Facebook group. The immediate success (from this action) inspired the
young businesspeople to open their online store, so they started selling male, female and children's sandals.

Over the following years, the couple’s passion became stronger, bringing together partners and personnels, enabling the creation of the first authoral collections, which nowadays are already six, with many developed and commercialized models. Themes, colours, techniques and materials used try to always evoque the “nordestino” imaginary, revisiting and reframing memories and symbols. Bringing new perspectives about the familiarized elements, still
maintaining and honoring its unconditional love for the designer's inspirational sources.

With time, maturity came for the “pernambucana” (northeast) brand, unfolding new perspectives, and Vitalina House was created with the initiative to produce and offer crafthanded pieces, such as planned furniture, designed with a regional

Vitalina’s Family, taking advantage of market needs, started selling plants and its supplies, giving birth to Vitalina Garden, fostering many possibilities to enhance and decorate people’s houses with a cozy Braziliand touch.

Vitalina is memory, popular culture and a lot of affection.


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