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J Borges, Living Heritage of Pernambuco

J Borges, Living Heritage of Pernambuco
J Borges, Patrimônio Vivo de Pernambuco, born in 1935, started writing by cordel at the age of 20, a traditional narrative form in northeastern Brazil. According to his art godfather, Ariano Suassuna, J Borges is the best in the world.

After the success of the first cordel “The meeting of two cowboys in the Sertão de Petrolina", with illustration by master Dila, he decided to produce his own engravings and continue writing the second cordel. He was always self-taught, he learned his craft intuitively.

"Cordel poetry is one of the purest manifestations of the inventive spirit, sense of humor and critical capacity of the Brazilian people, in its modest layers of the interior. The cordelist poet happily expresses what his companions in life and economic class they really feel. The spontaneity and grace of these creations make the urban reader, more sophisticated, dedicate interest to them, even awakening the research and analysis of university scholars. This is, therefore, a poetry of social fraternization that reaches a large area of ​​sensitivity " Carlos Drummond de Andrade

J Borges' atelier, in Bezerros, has a large repertoire, through cordel, woodcuts, pictures, of themes such as the daily life of the poor, cangaço, love, the punishments of heaven, mysteries, miracles, crimes and corruption , popular festivities, religiosity, roguery, and the cultural universe of the northeastern people.

Visiting the space is a unique experience that inspires and breathes art.

The Atelier is open from Monday to Friday - 7 am to 5 pm
Saturday - 8 am to 4 pm.
Contact phone: 81 98231 8854
Address: 68 - Lot. Bairro Novo - COHAB, Bezerros
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