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The L Word Generation Q

My nomination today is The L word generation Q, the series is a sequel to the original "The L Word", brought a more current scenario and a sensitivity to permeate issues such as transsexuality, lesbianism, homosexuality with a very diverse cast addressing issues of the universe LGBTQIA+, unlike the previous generation. Fortunately, this changes with the entry of new characters who orbit – sometimes directly and sometimes only indirectly – the lives of these three Alice Pieszecki, Shane McCutcheon and Bette Porter.

After the initial euphoria has passed, the plots and dramas of The L Word Generation Q begin to be presented in later episodes. All the characters are connected in some way. We have dialogues, encounters and reunions with an incredible soundtrack and breathtaking scenery. That's where the feeling came from that now, yes, there is a true representation in the diversity that the series somehow seeks to portray.

Text: Andrea Silva