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Why do we produce shoes?

Why do we produce shoes?

The tradition of producing leather shoes in the rural areas of northeastern Brazil is closely related to the history of the emergence and occupation of these places. Livestock was largely responsible for the population of this region, so leather has always been an available raw material.

The hostility of the thorny vegetation and the hot climate demanded footwear that suited these conditions. In addition, the presence of European settlers in the area, like the Franciscan priests, also contributed to the consolidation of the traditional leather sandals that are still found today in all fairs and local shops.

Our brand was born when a photographer from the agreste region and a publicist from the coast unpretentiously decided to resell the small pieces they had picked up on their trips through the interior of the northeastern states. From mining to curating artisans, the love for footwear grows.

The beauty of centuries-old manual knowledge and the durability of the noble raw material ended up capturing the hearts of the partners, who then asked themselves: what if we made a product that fully respected these traditions, but with an exclusive authorial design!

Thus, VITALINA today produces its collections from the research of the theme, through the design of the models in Recife, where the brand's headquarters are located, to the prototyping of the pilots and the making of the production, made by artisans suppliers in the interior of the state.

That is, when you buy our shoes and accessories, you are buying a product designed and made by people from the Northeast with raw materials from the Northeast, with a lot of tradition and originality!